We are delighted to share Nota Bene’s 3rd issue for spring 2010.

You can read the journal at http://kulup.sabanciuniv.edu/~notabene

We would particularly like to thank Canan Özkılıç, Dinu Munteanu, Emily Brown Coolidge, Gözde Yavuz, Ruxandra Eliza Todosi and Sinemis Temel for their hard work during the editorial process of the third issue; and Özgün Kılıç for designing our cover page.

In addition to share the academic knowledge produced among the students at Sabancı University, Nota Bene aims to establish an intellectual environment by bringing together people from diverse academic backgrounds throughout the world. Further, Nota Bene intends to foster this environment by providing the students the opportunity to participate in the editorial board. The submission of the articles and the applications for the editorial board by students from all over the world for the third issue increased our contentment regarding Nota Bene’s expanding academic span. We are grateful to all authors who shared their works with us for Nota Bene’s issue of spring 2010.

We wish our readers a pleasant time while reading the articles.

See you in our fourth issue which will be published at fall 2010!

Alparslan Nas and Berat Meryem Örnek